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    Massachusetts Family Law Regarding Separation

    If you and your spouse are thinking it is time for a separation, there are some factors you should consider in order to make sure this is not only the right step for your family but also done in accordance of the law. Before any decisions are made, it would be beneficial to consult a divorce and family law attorney to help you fully understand the legal implications and consequences of filing any official documentation to separate assets. In the state of Massachusetts, there is no judgement for a true legal separation. However, if one spouse seeks support from another […]

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    Divorce and Separation Agreements

    Divorce is a complicated and emotional endeavor. Naturally, divorcing parents of young children have additional considerations over childless couples. The many complexities involved in reaching a desired outcome during a divorce, are weighed according to a number of different factors. In some cases, it can be helpful to ask an attorney to draw up a Separation Agreement. A Separation Agreement is a written document that determines how the divorcing parties will handle matters relating to the end of the marriage. This Agreement can serve to clarify and simplify the overall divorce process. Normally, the agreement deals with child custody issues, […]

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    Can the court modify a separation agreement without the parties asking for it in a divorce

    My ex is suppose to pay for college, what if he doesn’t? The court has the power to modify certain portions of separation agreements that are merged into the separation agreement and to which the court has continued jurisdiction over, however someone needs to make a motion to the court and show a reason. Hope this helps. take care. Our  Natick divorce attorneys serve the Boston, Massachusetts, area from offices in downtown Boston, and the Boston Metrowest offices in Framingham and Dover. Our clients come to us from communities such as Acton, Arlington, Ashland, Braintree, Cambridge, Canton, Concord, Dedham, Dover, […]

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