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    Divorce and Separation Agreements

    Divorce is a complicated and emotional endeavor. Naturally, divorcing parents of young children have additional considerations over childless couples. The many complexities involved in reaching a desired outcome during a divorce, are weighed according to a number of different factors. In some cases, it can be helpful to ask an attorney to draw up a Separation Agreement. A Separation Agreement is a written document that determines how the divorcing parties will handle matters relating to the end of the marriage. This Agreement can serve to clarify and simplify the overall divorce process. Normally, the agreement deals with child custody issues, […]

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    How do I go about getting my ex-husband off the deed to the house?

    Additional Information: In the divorce agreement, he gave me our house in Dover, in return I didn’t touch his pension now I’m trying to get a home equity loan cannot do it while his name is on the deed so am trying to find out how to get his name off the deed. ATTORNEY ANSWER: This process is very common and it is very simple, he needs to sign a quitclaim deed which is a copy of your old deed which states he is giving you the property and taking his name off of it. Most of the time it […]

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    In my divorce agreement it says that if one party…

    breaches or something like that the agreement, the other side has to pay the legal fees, thankfully, I have plenty of money to pay for a lawyer now, god knows i paid plenty before, but it was worth it, but i like the idea of him having to pay so maybe he won’t continue to lie and hide money. I hate going to court, it is demeaning, what are my chance of getting that money just to hurt him? I completely agree with you that although you may be able to afford the legal, if he has to write you […]

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