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    Divorce and The Length of Your Marriage

    When considering divorce, there are many things to consider like property division, child custody, alimony and more, but one important consideration that many couples overlook is the date. In Massachusetts the amount of time you were married might matter in a variety of ways. Here are just a few examples: Dividing Assets Figuring out exactly when a marriage is over can be complicated as some states look at the date of separation, but Massachusetts courts generally refer to the date of divorce. Assets acquired during the marriage through the date of divorce are joint property, so a bonus one spouse […]

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    I am a single mom and would like to move to Boston.

    Additional Information: I would like to move to Boston where my new husband will be. I have a 1 and a half year old whose father rarely sees her and there is no child support order. I told him I wouldn’t take him for support because he is already paying $1000 month for another child. (He and I were never married.) What do I need to do as far as custody rights so that we can move to Boston? ATTORNEY ANSWER: I am sorry that you are going through this and I hope that your new relationship works out. Right […]

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    Once I file for divorce with the court, how long is it before I get a trial date?

    Each divorce case is unique and the answer to this question depends on many factors such as: which grounds you are using; how rapidly or slowly you are able to complete each step in the process; how long it takes to find and serve your spouse; if your spouse’s address is unknown, serving him/her will take longer; how complete and accurate your papers are; how busy and back logged the court is; whether your spouse contests or disagrees any part of the divorce; and whether there are temporary orders or negotiations in process. There is generally a twenty day waiting […]

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    Getting Divorced in Massachusetts

    Our total marital estate is about 2.5 million which includes one house in Needham with no mortgage and Westport home with 100k on the mortgage, absent that, no debt- what should I expect the max a divorce will cost with an divorce lawyer on both sides? A divorce attorney who will not throw fuel on the fire or create discovery unnecessarily nor be combative or aggressive without cause, if you can find two of those, the divorce in total can cost as little as $3000.00 if it is mostly collaborative to $15,0000.00 if there is a bit of contention. However […]

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    One Half is Not Always One Half

    New Math If your spouse makes X per year and you are going through a divorce in Massachusetts make sure you discuss this concern with your lawyer because no matter who you hire, the math stays the same, dividing one income is still dividing one income. A strong divorce attorney will persuade the court that you are entitled to more than one half that way you can live the lifestyle you were accustomed to during the marriage. Paying Spouse The court is going to try and be fair. However if your divorce attorney does not argue that you should not […]

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    Experienced Attorneys in Boston Framingham and Dover Massachusetts

    Our attorneys serve the entire Greater Boston Massachusetts region and have law offices in downtown Boston, as well as in the Boston Metrowest communities of Framingham and Dover. Our lawyers handle legal matters regarding: Divorce litigation Criminal defense Immigration law Contact us if you have a legal matter and seek exceptional legal representation. Our attorneys serve the entire Greater Boston Massachusetts region and have law offices in downtown Boston, as well as in the Boston Metrowest communities of Framingham and Dover. Contact our attorneys now for a consultation and advice on the next steps in the legal process.  

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