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Everything you say WILL be used against you

Be careful what you say

From the moment the police ask you a question whether it is while you are stopped for a driving offense or in your home or other place, the officer is assessing your credibility and looking for information about you and what is going on. If you are guilty of anything do not speak more than you have to without an attorney.

Watch your words

Everything you say to the police, your family, your friends during an investigation can be used against you. There are ways to keep this evidence out, the best way is the not say anything that can incriminate you. Be cautious about thinking that you have the right to an attorney and that once you ask for one magically everything is ok. The police cannot continue to question you after you invoke your right to counsel, however if you continue to talk they will listen and everything you say will be used against you. Those statements you made may be “suppressed” or not used against you, but they will not help you.

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