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Domestic Fights

More than likely someone is going to be arrested

If the police are called to a domestic someone is leaving the house, either in the patrol car or if everyone is calm on their own. Do not make any statements to the police, like” he/she hit me first so i then…just relax, leave if you have to and move on. The more you say the worse it gets. The police and the courts are concerned that if they don’t do something and someone is hurt later they will be faulted.

Don’t stop someone from calling or using their phone

stopping someone from calling the police or hanging up the phone just makes it worse in fact it can be a separate charge. Try to leave the argument and be calm. Don’t make it worse and if the police arrive, cooperate but don’t admit anything, everything you say will be written down and used against you. The police are their to protect the peace not to be your assistant. If they say to you, just tell us what happened, we just want to know the truth and you do and what you tell them is against the law you will be arrested. Limit your words when you are speaking with authorities.

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