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    Everything you say WILL be used against you

    Be careful what you say From the moment the police ask you a question whether it is while you are stopped for a driving offense or in your home or other place, the officer is assessing your credibility and looking for information about you and what is going on. If you are guilty of anything do not speak more than you have to without an attorney. Watch your words Everything you say to the police, your family, your friends during an investigation can be used against you. There are ways to keep this evidence out, the best way is the […]

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    Domestic Fights

    More than likely someone is going to be arrested If the police are called to a domestic someone is leaving the house, either in the patrol car or if everyone is calm on their own. Do not make any statements to the police, like” he/she hit me first so i then…just relax, leave if you have to and move on. The more you say the worse it gets. The police and the courts are concerned that if they don’t do something and someone is hurt later they will be faulted. Don’t stop someone from calling or using their phone stopping […]

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    What to do when stopped by the police

    First thing… Be polite and cooperate. If you are intoxicated… If you refuse the breath test you will lose your license, if you are refusing the breath test then you may consider not taking any other sobriety tests you cannot be forced to submit to any tests. Do not agree to a search of your motor vehicle if you have drugs or illegal material in your vehicle. Schedule a consultation Contact us if you require powerful criminal defense representation. Our attorneys serve the entire Greater Boston Massachusetts region and have law offices in downtown Boston, as well as in the […]

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