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    Mass Pike motor vehicle citation dismissed

    Summary:  Client traveling eastbound on the Mass Pike in the middle travel lane in the town of Natick.  In order to overtake the vehicle in front, she checked her mirrors and indicated a lane change. The only vehicle was quite some distance down the highway and she moved to the left passing lane.   Upon looking in her mirror she saw headlights extremely close to her bumper and blue lights.  After pulling over safely, a state trooper curtly advised that she ‘cut him off’ and handed her a ticket for unsafe lane change.  There was no chance for discussion and he […]

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    Harassment Order Dismissed

    Summary: Client, a family man and full time employee of a local business, had a complaint for a restraining order brought against him by another employee.  It arose out of a dispute in the work place. Rather than work it out, the other employee went to court. Client was fired because of the allegation.  Counsel was brought in and a successful negotiation resolved all the issues.  No order issued and client was welcomed back to work after just 3 days. Result: Dismissed, employment reinstated. Counsel: Kevin R. Leeper, Esq.

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    Drunk driving case thrown out due to pre-trial Motions

    Client was stopped in Marlboro after another driver reported erratic operation and told the state police that he’s all over the road’.  The client performed field sobriety tests was given the breathalyzer.  The reading was .14 BAC.   Upon examing the police report, counsel picked up on the fact that the client was coerced into performing the tests by the officer and that the breathalyzer was flawed.  A motion to suppress was filed and allowed by the court.  Both tests were thrown out.  The prosecutor, realizing that their case could not proceed dismissed the entire matter. Result: Case dismissed Counsel: Kevin […]

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