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    When Parents Are Separated, Who Has Child Custody?

    Making the decision to separate from your spouse/partner is difficult and often occurs over a lengthy period of time. During that time, it’s common for spouses/partners to begin living in separate households. If the partners have children, this raises many questions about where and with whom the children should live. Massachusetts law has put in place some very distinct laws to handle this sort of child custody dispute. If the parents are not married, the mother automatically has sole legal and physical custody until a Court orders something else. However under Massachusetts law, if the parents are married to each […]

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    Child Support in Massachusetts

    In a Massachusetts divorce, one parent may be ordered by the court to pay child support. Under Massachusetts law, both parents are required to support their children—and this is true regardless of marital status (whether the parents are married, divorced, separated, or were never married). The parent the child lives with is termed the custodial parent. The noncustodial parent may be required to pay child support. Child support is complicated, but there are several things you should know. One, child support may be used to pay for housing, food, clothing, education, and insurance and medical costs. Two, if one parent […]

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