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    Limited Assistance Representation

    Limited Assistance Representation allows an attorney to assist a self-represented client with specific issues on a limited basis.  This might include preparing or reviewing documents, appearing in court or giving legal advice, hence the term unbundled services.  This type of limited representation, compensated or pro bono, permits the attorney to withdraw representation after completing agreed upon services. Although the attorney does not fully participate, the attorney owes the client the same duties of loyalty, competence and confidentiality for the limited representation as he would under full service representation.  The attorney also must review the limitations of the legal assistance with […]

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    Separation Agreements

    Separation agreements allow you to outline specifically in a divorce what you agree to. This might include details about child support, alimony, taxes, and name changes. What you put in the agreement is specific to the situation and concerns you may have. There are two forms of a separation agreement in Massachusetts. One functions as a contract and is binding when you and the other party sign it. The other is non-binding until you get the approval of the judge. However, in both cases each party must agree to sign the agreement. Which type of separation agreement depends on specific […]

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