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    How Does the President’s Action Impact Immigration in the US

    On November 20th, 2014 President Obama announced an executive action changing Immigration in the US in such a way to potentially shield 5 million people from deportation.  An executive action differs from an executive order in that it is not legally binding.The change in policy will add an estimated 300,000 individuals to the population of Dreamers – those who qualify under the Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals.  These are the children of illegal immigrants who were brought to the US by their parents. The president’s act extends protection to those who arrived as minors before January 1, 2010 (the cutoff […]

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    Massachusetts Child Custody – What you need to know

    It is important for couples who are involved in a child custody dispute to understand that child custody in the Commonwealth of Massachusetts is often complicated and that courts typically prefer the parents reach an agreement between themselves. There are some specific terms that parents should understand regarding custody including: Sole legal custody – occurs when one parent is assigned the rights and responsibilities of the child. This parent is responsible for making all decisions that impact the child including decisions involving medical care, educational issues as well as religious training. Shared legal custody – in this situation, the parents […]

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    Massachusetts Law Regarding Divorce Modification

    Divorce agreements cover many details, including child custody, child support, property division, health insurance and many other specifics based on the details of a family’s life. The difficulty is that at the time a divorce agreement is ruled upon and issued, it’s impossible to foresee all future circumstances. Therefore, it’s often necessary to return to court for a divorce modification. Massachusetts’ law allows for these changes, but only for certain provisions and under certain circumstances. Merging Vs. Surviving Provisions Divorce provisions are classified as “merging” or “surviving.” Merging means they can be modified at a later date if circumstances warrant […]

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    Charged with Contempt in Massachusetts For Not Paying Child Support

    Have you been suddenly charged with contempt in Massachusetts for not paying your child support that was ordered by the court after you and your spouse divorced? Perhaps it’s in reverse and you’re filing for contempt against your spouse for not doing what was required with a court order. Either way, it’s a contentious form of family law that you never want to go through if you can amicably work it out. But in both scenarios, you have to work with a Massachusetts family law attorney to go through the proper steps to assure the contempt charge gets ironed out […]

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