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    Drunk driving case thrown out due to pre-trial Motions

    Client was stopped in Marlboro after another driver reported erratic operation and told the state police that he’s all over the road’.  The client performed field sobriety tests was given the breathalyzer.  The reading was .14 BAC.   Upon examing the police report, counsel picked up on the fact that the client was coerced into performing the tests by the officer and that the breathalyzer was flawed.  A motion to suppress was filed and allowed by the court.  Both tests were thrown out.  The prosecutor, realizing that their case could not proceed dismissed the entire matter. Result: Case dismissed Counsel: Kevin […]

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    Domestic Violence Laws in Massachusetts

    In the state of Massachusetts, domestic violence laws include physical harm or the intent to physically harm, the infliction of fear of physical harm, and involuntary sexual relationship against a family or other household member. This crime is especially serious if the victim was violated by the suspect while a protective order was in place. Definition of a household member: people who are or have once been married individuals that have children together individuals that are related through marriage or by blood individuals who live together are have lived together, such as roommates Assault can range from actual physical harm […]

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