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    Massachusetts Child Support Enforcement

    If you’re in Massachusetts and dealing with the prospect of a spouse not paying their child support payment, you may have to go through Child Support Enforcement. This is a service available through the state and within the Massachusetts State Department of Revenue. When you contact CSE about a spouse not paying child support as earlier agreed to, you have a number of good legal options available to make sure it’s paid. But CSE can also help settle other issues with your children following a divorce. The Complete Role of Child Support Enforcement While you can always go through family […]

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    The H-1B Visa Application Process

    In general terms, an H-1B visa applies to individuals who are considered specialists in their field of expertise. Only 65,000 of these visas are allowed by the U.S. each year; therefore, if a Massachusetts company would like a foreign specialist to work on a specific project in the U.S., the best plan of action is to hire immigration attorneys familiar with the H-1B Visa application process. H-1B Visa Requirements & Application Process In order to apply, the candidate must have attained a college degree within the U.S. or the foreign academic equivalent. The degree must be specific to the job […]

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