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    Top Four Questions Regarding Alimony and Remarriage in Massachusetts

    Alimony refers to a specified amount of money paid to one spouse by the other spouse during and after divorce. The purpose is to help the lower-earning spouse maintain a reasonable standard of living. One of the most popular questions asked is, “can remarriage discontinue alimony?” A change in the Massachusetts alimony law in 2012 clarified that provision and several others. Consider these four frequently asked questions about alimony and remarriage in Massachusetts. How Much is Alimony? The main consideration in calculating alimony in Massachusetts is each spouse’s income or income ability. However, many other factors are at play when […]

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    How can I take control of my financial life after my divorce?

    As published by Morgan Stanley – Read entire article (PDF). Divorce is seldom easy for anyone involved. Still, there are steps you can take now that may make the process less stressful and help simplify your life when the divorce is finalized. The more you know about the divorce process and your legal and financial options, the better equipped you will be to pursue your goals and protect your best interests. The information included here can help you start to think through key issues. Remember, though, that a competent attorney is essential, and a knowledgeable Financial Advisor can help you […]

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