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    The Discovery Process in Massachusetts Divorce

    When deciding to pursue a divorce in Massachusetts, certain processes must be completed by each party in an effort to fairly divide marital assets and debts. Financial disclosure procedures play an integral part in the divorce process. The information gathered by disclosures can affect the outcome of a divorce, and according to Massachusetts law, these rules must be followed exactly to ensure each party receives what they are due. Financial Statement Long Form If you or your spouse’s salary exceeds $75,000 a year in gross income, you must complete the Financial Statement Long Form. The long form is substantial, and […]

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    Massachusetts Divorce Laws and Requirements

    For those looking to pursue divorce in the state of Massachusetts, there are some requirements that must be taken into consideration. The legal process of divorce can be complicated; therefore, it is in the best interest of each individual to consider hiring an attorney who focuses on divorce and family law, even if the divorce is considered “uncontested.” Residency Requirements In Massachusetts, the couple must have lived as spouses in the state in order to petition for divorce. If the cause of divorce happened within Massachusetts, one spouse must be considered a resident of the sate. If the grounds for […]

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    The Benefit of L1 and L2 Visas for Massachusetts Businesses

    An L1 Visa is considered an Intra-Transfer. This type of visa allows a firm to temporarily hire a foreign executive to handle high level firm business within the U.S. The visa allows the foreign executive to move to a position with an office of an affiliate, subsidiary, parent company, or different company branch or department. At first, this type of visa only applied to large multinational companies; however the laws have expanded to nurture the international growth of young start-up firms. This allowance has helped small start-ups to extend their reach to the U.S. The L1 Visa allows individuals the […]

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