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    Massachusset’s new Alimony Law and how it could affect You

    The Massachusetts Alimony Reform Act was signed into law in 2011 and became effective a little over a year ago. This law brought about sweeping new changes in the way alimony is awarded in the state, and many orders issued prior to its enactment could be modified as a result. One of the biggest changes brought about by this act was the length of time a spouse may receive alimony. In the past, alimony was sometimes awarded for an indefinite period even when marriages lasted less than 20 years. The current law requires couples to have been legally married for […]

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    What Could the New Immigration Bill Mean for Me?

    Our Massachusetts Immigration Attorneys Provide Answers On April 16, a bipartisan group of U.S. senators introduced an immigration reform bill that could change the lives of thousands of immigrants in Massachusetts, not to mention millions across the nation. The bill addresses a number of key issues in the immigration debate, including legalization for the country’s undocumented population. The legislation proposes a 13-year path to citizenship, which, among other requirements, calls for immigrants to undergo background checks, pay fines and learn English. Immigrants currently in the U.S. without authorization and who were in the country before December 31, 2011, may be […]

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