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    Must couples share property they acquire after they split up?

    Most people assume that a divorcing couple’s assets will be divided according to what they own at the time they separate. But in some cases, things that happen after a couple split up can affect what they’re entitled to in a divorce. Only an attorney with expertise in divorce law can determine exactly what you might be entitled to…so it’s important to tell your divorce attorney about anything that could affect the prospects of both you and your spouse down the road. Take the case of a man in who was a 25% partner in a real estate development project […]

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    Can the court modify a separation agreement without the parties asking for it in a divorce

    My ex is suppose to pay for college, what if he doesn’t? The court has the power to modify certain portions of separation agreements that are merged into the separation agreement and to which the court has continued jurisdiction over, however someone needs to make a motion to the court and show a reason. Hope this helps. take care. Our  Natick divorce attorneys serve the Boston, Massachusetts, area from offices in downtown Boston, and the Boston Metrowest offices in Framingham and Dover. Our clients come to us from communities such as Acton, Arlington, Ashland, Braintree, Cambridge, Canton, Concord, Dedham, Dover, […]

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    I read online that my husband can be forced to pay my legal

    something called motion pendente lite for fees, can i give a lawyer half and get the other half from my husband? I am really worried about having to file on Monday. In some cases you may retain an attorney under the new limited appearance rules and he or she can file the divorce, along with a motion for temporary orders using the money that you have, then if you need more money or the attny needs more money he or she can file a motion for legal fees if necessary. It sounds like you have enough to retain a good […]

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    How long will I need to spend in divorce court on the first date?

    I have heard stories that you can spend all day in court and who will watch my children? It appears that you will be in Norfolk Probate court. On your first appearance most likely you will be sent to family services/probation dept, that is on the third floor, there you will check in and a probation officer will meet with you to discuss what you are there for and to help resolve the issues and minimize the matters before the judges so that the judges are not overwhelmed. So, the earlier you get there and the more prepared you are […]

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