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    Do I need to have a forensic accounting done in my divorce?

    My divorce attorney tells me that we need a forensic accounting done, but I am losing faith in her. I know that my husbands business is small, it’s just a consulting gig for small businesses in Boston Metrowest, his full time job is corporate and he is a w2 employee with benefits. It doesn’t sound like the costs will benefit your outcome. Use your common sense and you will be fine. Take care. Our  Boston Metrowest divorce attorneys serve the Boston, Massachusetts, area from offices in downtown Boston, and the Boston Metrowest offices in Framingham and Dover. Our clients come […]

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    The inclusion of capital gains income

    Alfred W. Wasson v. Silvia M. Wasson, 81 Mass.App.Ct. 574 (2012) The case was remanded to the Probate Court on the issue of whether the inclusion of capital gains income as presumptively required by the Guidelines results in an increasing support obligation that is unjust or inappropriate under the circumstances.  On his Complaint for Modification, the plaintiff was successful in modifying his child support obligation and his health insurance obligation (by agreement on the first day of trial).  After trial, he was also successful in recovering $21,855 of his requested $39,097 for legal fees based on the judge’s finding that, […]

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    In my divorce agreement it says that if one party…

    breaches or something like that the agreement, the other side has to pay the legal fees, thankfully, I have plenty of money to pay for a lawyer now, god knows i paid plenty before, but it was worth it, but i like the idea of him having to pay so maybe he won’t continue to lie and hide money. I hate going to court, it is demeaning, what are my chance of getting that money just to hurt him? I completely agree with you that although you may be able to afford the legal, if he has to write you […]

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    Getting Divorced in Massachusetts

    Our total marital estate is about 2.5 million which includes one house in Needham with no mortgage and Westport home with 100k on the mortgage, absent that, no debt- what should I expect the max a divorce will cost with an divorce lawyer on both sides? A divorce attorney who will not throw fuel on the fire or create discovery unnecessarily nor be combative or aggressive without cause, if you can find two of those, the divorce in total can cost as little as $3000.00 if it is mostly collaborative to $15,0000.00 if there is a bit of contention. However […]

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    Does it matter who files a divorce first me or my husband?

    I was told by another divorce attorney in Newton to let him file first. This is a matter of strategy and personal opinion, however if the divorce is contentious and you need temporary orders for child support or spousal support (alimony) then you should file first. Also and I think very important you get to speak first in court if your motions are first and you can set the pace and the tone of the process. You can take back control of your life if it has been stalled and you can regain control of your future. I like filing […]

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