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    Complaint for modification of child support

    Morales v. Morales, 10-P-2122 October 17, 2011 Wife’s complaint for modification of child support, filed a year after the divorce decree, was dismissed when she failed to show that Husband’s $34.80 per week raise was a material and substantial change in circumstances.  The Wife relied upon G.L. 208, §28, which provides in part for a modification of child support if there is an inconsistency between the amount of an existing order and the amount that would result from application of the Guidelines.  The Appeals Court affirmed the long-standing standard derived from statute and case law that in modifying alimony and […]

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    Can you ask for a different court besides Cambridge?

    The court in Cambridge is too hard for me to get too and its very public. Sometimes you can ask for the satellite sessions of the courts, Middlesex has Marlboro which is a nice local court with plenty of parking, they used to have Concord but no longer. Marlboro is a good alternative, but difficult to get to without a car. Take care and good luck. Marlboro is one court room so it tends to be either very fast or very slow. The Marlboro MA divorce lawyers at our firm serve the Boston, Massachusetts, area from offices in downtown Boston, […]

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    Can I ask for child support and my husband to move out without an actual divorce?

    I don’t know if I want a permanent divorce, am i being stupid? I am staying with my parents in Weston who have enough money and a nice house but it is far from our married home. You are caught in a difficult situation, you certainly can file a complaint for separate support in Ma which is not a divorce but does order your husband to pay you child support, however many practitioners and judges are not fond of such complaints. The other option is an informal agreement with your husband made formal by an email or his signature that […]

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    Is paying an attorney out of my joint account allowed

    You may pay for your ordinary and necessary expenses which do include legal fees out of your joint account. You may also take as much money as you like until you are formerly served, just be prepared to have it assigned to your side of the balance sheet if you take too much and can’t explain it. Most courts look at what is fair and equitable. So the quick answer is yes, you may take money for expenses and for an attorney.   The Greater Boston divorce lawyers at our firm serve the Boston, Massachusetts, area from offices in downtown […]

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    What is Limited Assistance Representation in Massachusetts?

    Limited Assistance Representation permits attorneys to assist a self represented litigant on a limited basis without undertaking a full representation of the client on all issues related to the legal matter for which the attorney is engaged. After the completion and assessment of a Limited Assistance Representation Pilot Project in the Hampden, Suffolk, and Norfolk Divisions of the Probate and Family Court Department pursuant to a Standing Order dated August 1, 2006, as amended from time to time, the Justices have concluded that limited assistance representation can be of significant benefit in expanding access to justice in the Trial Courts, […]

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